BSJ or Alaska distrubutes a no nonsense copy of a Pattern 317 knife only bigger and beefier. They called the knife The Yachtsman. According to the BSJ this unmarked knife is made by a contractor in Florida to their specifications and despite bearing no marking is made in the USA with American produced parts. I have no way to verify this claim. 

The fit is very good but the finish, especially the rivets is a tad rough.  I expected as much considering the price. The backsprings on this knife are really tough and as such opening the blades is going to require a good strong pull. The sheepfoot blade is hollow ground with a beautiful mirror polish finish. The steel is fairly hard, I assume it is 440C.  The split blade is the later pattern with caplifter. It is not as sharp as I would like but still functional. You can open a can with it but as there is no guide, it is going to do a rough job (just like the old split blades of 70 years ago). The interior groove is too narrow to suit my taste. The marlin spike i svery tight. It seems to be held in place by friction alone. To open and close it, I have to pull it all the way open and all the way closed. It will stop anywhere along the path and stay-put. I was concerned that over time, it would become loose and flop about but so far this has not happened. The handles are said to be Kevlar.  Again I can’t verify this, I will go as far as say they are (GRP) glass reinforced plastic similar in quality to G-10 or Zytel. The checkered pattern gives them exceptional grip in the hand, even when wet.




Pattern: Yachtsman
Origins: British Pattern 317 clasp knife
Manufacturer: Unkown, BSJ Alaska (Distributor)
Country: USA
Closed Length: 4 ¼ inches
Blades: 3
       1) Sheepfoot: 2 ½ inches
       2) Marlin Spike: 3 inches
       3) Cap lifter/Split blade: 2 ¼ inches, (5/8 inch internal edge)
       4) Integrated flat head screw driver.
Blade Steel: 440 Stainless Steel (or better)
Handle: Black Glass Reinforced Plastic
Shield: none
Pins: Stainless
Lining: Stainless
Bail: Stainless
Bolsters: None