VN21307 Nato Clasp knife

Currently sold by Sheffield Knives, the Genuine British Army Clasp Knife is the standard NATO issue VN21307 pattern clasp knife approved for service by the British Ministry of Defense. It is known by several names include the MOD clasp knife, the three piece clasp knife, the NATO approved clasp knife, and of course, the Genuine British Army Clasp Knife. It is has been made by several cutlery companies in the UK, including Rodgers and Ibberson. This model is produced by Sheffield Knives. in Sheffield, England. It meets the specifications and standards of the current issue knife used by British military forces. While it is commonly called the Three Piece Army Knife it is used by all branches of service.

The obverse side of the handle is stamped:
The Genuine
British Army Knife
Sheffeild England

The sheepfoot blade, marlin spike, and can opener have a highly polished finished while the handles have a satin finish. As with so many riggers, it has a very strong back spring which is really helpful for holding the non-locking blades in place when open. Of course it does mean that you will need to exert more effort when opening the blades. The rivits protrude from the handle but are rounded off enough to prevent pocket snags.

The knife comes in a clear plastic case with a sticker giving instructions for care. For an added bit of advice the can-opener still states the old adage which gave these names yet another nick-name, the "oil the joints" knife.

All in all a terrific knife that is worth the $40-$75 that it usually sells for. There is a reason why there are so many civilian copies of this knife. But in the end it is safe to say, "often imitated but never duplicated. If you collect riggers, then you need one of these. If you just want a good solid work knife that is going to last a life time, then this is also the knife. Properly cared for, it could be around for generations.


three piece clasp knife

Genuine British Army Knife

Pattern: NATO: VN21307
Origin: New Style British Military Pattern
Manufacturer: Sheffield Knives
Country: England (Sheffield)
Closed Length: 3 ¾ inches
Blades: 4
       1) Sheepfoot - 2 ½ inch
       2) Marlin Spike -  3  inch
       3) Can opener (oil the joints)
       4) integrated screwdriver
Blade Steel: Stainless Steel (Mil-Spec, 440 or equivalent)
Handle: Stainless steel
Shield: none, see notes for handle stamp
Pins: Stainless steel
Liners: Stainless steel
Bail: Stainless Steel
Bolsters: None