The Camillus S702 is an updated version of the old Camillus Q5 U.S. Coast Guard rope knife (#425) first designed before World War II. Essentially it is the same knife made with jigged black Delrin handles and a can opener resting alongside the main blade in a separate channel. The can opener was added after WWII; with most sources giving 1949 as the date of addition. The S in S702 stands for Stainless. S702 may or may not be the Coast Guard designation for the knife.

The knife continued to be made for USCG service up until recent times; however there is debate on if it was an issued knife or optional equipment available to members. My particular example is in near mint condition which leads me to think it was made shortly before Camillus closed its doors and was not used. According to USCG records, the last contract issued to Camillus for this knife was issued in 1990 and expeired in 1995. I assume it was made during this time period.

Noticeable difference from the Q5, besides the can opener is the use of stainless steel and the large visible pin that passes through the bolster. The blade action is very smooth, popping to the half open position. Can opener opens smoothly but does not stop in the half open. This is the way the knife is designed.

Not much more to say about this one except you can compare the full stainless steel blade on this knife to the used blade on the WWII era Q5 I also own. This pattern is probably my favorite rope knife; simple and elegant -- in an ugly sort of way.



Pattern: Coast Guard (S702)
Manufacturer: Camillus
Country: USA (New York)
Closed Length: 4 ½ inches
Blade:3 ½ in. Coping-Sheepfoot
Blade Steel: Stainless (440?)
Handle: Jigged Black Delrin
Shield: None
Pins: Stainless steel
Lining: Brass
Bail: Stainless steel
Bolsters: Stainless steel