Made by Joseph Rodgers of Sheffield England, the JR 4009 Challenge Yachtsman is civilian version of the VN21307 Three Piece Clasp knife (Current NATO issue), made by one of the companies that make the military version. It is made to the same specifications and standards as that of the military counterpart with the only significant difference being the integrated shackle key in the obverse scale and the slightly modified can opener to allow a shackle to room in the cavity of the knife.

Several companies make a similar knife in China, and at first glance it would seem they are just as good, if not better than the one by Rodgers. However, once you have this knife in your hand in a side to side to comparison you start noticing subtle difference that make it clear that this is knife of quality. The fit and finish is superior. The snap of the blade is more certain and the cutting edge will retain its sharpness longer. This all makes sense when you consider Joseph Rodgers is a premier knife maker. They have a reputation for quality and put the pride of their nation into the workmanship of their product. This knife was made to take a beating and keep working not just for this generation but for the next.

Pattern: JR 4009 Challenge Yachtsman.
Origin: New Style British Military Pattern
Manufacturer: Joseph Rodgers
Country: England (Sheffield)
Closed Length: 3 ¾ inches
implements: 5
       1) Sheepfoot - 2 ½ inch
       2) Marlin Spike -  3  inch
       3) Can opener
       4) integrated screwdriver
       5) integrated shackle key
Blade Steel: Stainless Steel (Mil-Spec, 440 or equivalent)
Handle: Stainless steel
Shield: none,
Pins: Stainless steel
Liners: Stainless steel
Bail: Stainless Steel
Bolsters: None