Several cutlery companies make sailing knives. To list them all would be futile. However there are only a few companies that specialize in making sailing knives.In addition to the few nautical knife makers there are some well known maritime supply companies that carry their on name brand knives.

Boye Boat Knives

David Boye has been making custom boat knives for 35 years. He uses dendritic cobalt for the knife steel which provides excellent rust protection. His knives are considered the best sailing knives on the market and they demand a high price tag. Essentially they are the "Randall Knives" of the Sailing World.

Boye Cobalt Folding Knife with sheepfoot blade

Davis Instruments

Davis Instruments is a company that provides weather, marine, and automotive equipment. The marine division is not a knife maker but a supplier of numerous products used by sailors and all things nautical. Davis is the current provider of three stainless steel rigging knives. Davis bought Telo and for a time sold the Telo brand, however the knives are now stamped Davis. Like other marine supply companies, Davis out-sources its knife production to China. Earlier Telo knives were made in Japan.

Davis Standard

The Davis Standard Rigging Knife. (Pictured is a Davis marked Telo. The new knives are now stamped Davis)


Gill Marine

Gill Marine is better known for clothing and nautical equipment. The company is international in scope and as such has equipment made from around the world. Like other marine supply companies, Gill out-sources its knife production to China. The personal rescue knife is one hand liner lock and the Marine Tool is small rigger based on the NATO knife. They feature 420 stainless steel with a titanium coating.

Gill Marine Tool

The Gill Marine Tool


Myerchin is an American company located in California.. They specialize in knifes for mariners. Their knives were originally made in Japan using AUS8 or 440C steel. Production also takes places in China using 440C Stainless and German Pro-Marine Stainless steel consider similar in quality to 440C with better rust resistance. Myerchin has several patented knife styles, the P300 being the most famous. Their marlin spike folders have locking blades and marlin spikes. They also make fixed blade rope knives and marlin spikes. Despite having knives made off shore Myerchin still makes knives for the U.S. Coast Guard and Navy. As you might expect, Myerchin began as a knife company but they also offer a few clothing articles and knife sharpeners.

Myerchin's T-300 Titanium Captain's Knife

West Marine

West Marine, is a company that makes maritime equipment. They provide rigging knives that are sub-contracted to a factory in China. Among their products is the SOG rigging knife; which is a similar to the old Camillus 696 Piranha.

West Marine's SOG Auto Clip.


Wichard is a world wide producer of marine supplies but began as a cutlery company. The company began in France but is now an international companies with headquarters located around the world. Today it is better known for its drop forged shackles, carabineers and other maritime hard ware but they still offer a line of quality rigging knives that are produced in France.

The "Glow Knife" is a popular knife rigger in the Wichard's line.