Myerchin P300 Worker's Tool


The P300 is an original design concept of John Myerchin of the knife company by the same name. Myerchin was originally an American based company which originally had their knives produced in Japan using AUS 8 Steel.  Today the Company’s Headquarters is located in Nova Scotia with production occurring  Mainland China.  According to their web site they are using 440C Stainless for the blades, however this information is not printed on the knife or the packaging .

The design concept turns the knife handle and marlin spike into an unusual pair of pliers which can be used for loosening boat shackles as well as small bolts and such.  The large marlin spike and somewhat short sheep’s head blade are both held in the open position with a set of liner locks making this a unique design among rigging knives. Incidentally, the Sheep's Head blade is another Myerchin innovation which added a hump to the back of a sheepfoot blade which in theory make it more difficult to break.

The fit and finish of the knife are quite good. The brushed aluminum handles come in natural, red and blue finishes. The trademark whale appears on the obverse with a detachable belt clip screwed into the reverse handle. 

Fury makes a knock off of this knife with admirable qualities so the question has to be why spend 2 ½ times as much for the original Myerchin?   Comparing the two side by side, you can see that the Myerchin does have a better fit and finish as well as very useful pocket clip and handy nylon belt sheath. The 440C stainless steel seems to have a better heat treatment which will be more durable and require less sharpening which means it will last longer. It is debatable, however, if it will last as long as two of the Fury knives.  It becomes a debate over cost vs. quality. In the end I think they are both fairly priced and worth the money.


myerchin3 Pattern: P300 Worker’s Tool (John Myerchin, designer)
Manufacturer: Myerchin
Country: China
Closed Length: 5 ½ inches
Blades: 3
       1) Sheep’s Head -2 1/2 inch
       2) Marlin Spike (locking) - 3 1/2 inch
       3) Pliers - 3/4 inch jaw
Blade Steel: 440C Stainless Steel
Bail: Stainless Steel
Handle: Brushed Aluminum, with belt clip
Shield: none (etched Myerchin Whale)
Pins: Stainless steel
Liners: Stainless steel
Bolsters: None