My nautical knives

This section of the compendium is my private collection of nautical knives. Besides the more traditional marlinspikes (riggers) and rope knives, I've also included some non-traditional patterns that have also proved useful at sea; primarily hawkbills and rescue knives.

The collection is both historical and practical in nature. As such, many of the knives are dated and would be deemed rather useless on board a sailing vessel today. Indeed, some of my favorite sailing knives are more useful in a yacht club than on actual sail boat or ship. For this reason I've developed a chart which gives a comparison of many of the knives in my collection.

The chart only covers currently produced knives, however many older patterns remain in production today. Thus you can see how overtime sailing knives evolved to meet the challenges of the sea.

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Bubba, the Salty Dog

Rigging knife Mermaid of Warsaw

The Mermaid of Warsaw