Victorinox Skipper


The Skipper is everything you would expect from a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. By that I mean it’s a great go-to pocket knife. It isn't going to replace a fixed blade rigger or marlin spike, but it will get many of the small  chores done.

Despite the main blade choice, the Skipper comes with several other nice features which make it a handy knife to have on a boat.. You get a large serrated locking spear, sewing awl-reamer, cork screw, can opener-little screw driver, large screwdriver-cap lifter-wire stripper, small Phillips screwdriver, small pliers, tweezers and toothpick. The blade that makes this the Skipper a boat knife is the combination shackle key-marlin spike. Despite the unorthodox shape of the marlin spike it is effective at breaking small knots and the shackle key will do in a pinch. You'll need a real spike for more difficult work.

The Skipper uses the new 4 3/8 inch (111 mm) ergonimic handle design which feels pretty good in the hand. It has been around for several years but this is the first 4 3/8 inch Victorinox I've owned but the feel of this hanlde has convinced me to look at others with the similar hanlde design. The shape makes it easy to grip and comfortable to use. The blue color of the handle helps the knife stand out from all the other Swiss Army Knives in the drawer. The compass rose on the grip is also a nice touch.

If you're a boat person who likes to have a Swiss Army Knife on you, then you'll find the Skipper a welcome addition. While it will not take care of the really heavy duty jobs on the boat or yacht, you will find it handy in a pinch or for numerous light duties. Plus it just looks great and will appeal to any SAK collectors.

skipper 2

skipper3 Pattern: 53663 Skipper
Origin: Victorinox Designed
Manufacturer: Victorinox
Country:  Switzerland
Closed Length: 4 3/8 inches (111 mm)
Blades: 8
       1) locking 3 ¼  inch serrated edge spear blade.
       2) 3 inch marlin spike
           w/ 1 ½ inch shackle key and small sewing eye
       3) Spring loaded pliers with 5/8 inch jaw
       4)cork screw
       5) Awl w/ sewing eye
       6) can opener - small screwdriver,
       7) cap lifter large - screw driver
       8) small Phillips Screwdriver. 
       (Also includes removable tweezers and toothpick.)
Blade Steel:  Victorinox X55CrMo14,
                    (other steels according to blade type.)
Handle: Textured Blue Composition
Shield: Victorinox shield, compass rose.
Pins: None
Lining: Alox
Bail: None.   Has the Victorinox key ring instead
Bolsters: None