The Telo Deluxe Rigger is patterned after the NATO pattern British Army Clasp knife .  The knife swaps the can opener for a more useful shackle key and offers the user a marlin spike that locks in place with the bail. The knife is madeof 100% Stainless Steel.  While Telo does not state it on the knife, the steel is a type of 420 stainless.   The build of the knife is surpisingly robust.  The fit and finish are also remarkably good.

This Japanese made knife offers a strong back spring that holds all the implements securely in both the open and closed positions.  Sa can be seen in the pictures, the main blade lacks a nail nick but there is plenty of exposed blade to allow for it be pinched open safely.   The knife features a large shackle key which is much more usefull than the small cut outs you find on the telo Yachtsman.  They are also easier to work with.

Obviously it is too small to be a primary rigger but you will find it useful for many chores around the boat (or the house for that matter).  If you can't find a good used Telo, you might want to consider the modern Davs counter part as it is essentially the same knife.  At the same time, if you liker the pattern, The Maxam or Gordon will do just as nicely and both are economically priced.


Pattern: Deluxe Rigger
Origin: NATO Pattern Clasp Knife
Manufacturer: Gordon
Country: Japan
Closed Length: 3 ¾ inches
Implements: 4
       1) Sheepfoot - 2  3/8 inch
       2) Marlin Spike -  2 1/2  inch
       3) Shackle Key - 1 ¾ inch
       4) integrated screwdriver
Blade Steel: Stainless Steel (420)
Handle: Stainless steel
Shield: none,
Pins: Stainless steel
Liners: Stainless steel
Bail: Stainless Steel (locks the spike)
Bolsters: None