Overall, I'm not terribly impressed with the Wichard knife. The blade steel is 316L which is practically impervious to salt water or chloride corrosion. This steel is sometimes used for artificial hips and knees. So corrosion won't be problem. However it is so soft that once it gets dull it is practically impossible to re-sharpen. It is partially serrated. which is probably the only reason it cuts line in the first place. They also make this knife with a marlin spike and shackle key. The 316L steel would be fine for these implements but it is just too soft for a cutting edge. Their product literature states "The half-serrated blade allows to cut abrasive material (Kevlar...) without damaging the blade." That maybe so, but it doesn't do very well on cardboard.

The blade spring is also very weak. You need to open and close the blade by hand. There is absolutely no snap to the blade. It requires both hands to operate. Admittedly, I bought the knife second hand so it may work better new. The best thing about it is it glows in the dark. All of the other problems are minor with the exception of the low quality of the blade steel. There are several new non corrosive steels on the market today and Wichard should consider using one of them for its blades. There knives are priced too high for this type of steel to be used for a cutting blade. Even 420J2 would be a vast improvement.

Pattern: 10042 Single Blade
Manufacturer: Wichard
Country: France
Closed Length: 4 ½ inches
Implements: 2
       1) :3 ½ in. Coping-Sheepfoot
       2) Can opener
Blade Steel: 316L Stainless Steel
Handle: Fluorescent Composition
Shield: None
Pins: N/A
Lining: N/A
Bail: Lanyard Hole
Bolsters: Blue Composition Thumb Grip