Most of the information on Rough Rider Rigging knives can be found on the entery for the RR 577 knife. I owned that one first. The RR 897 is part of their "Ol' Yellow" line of knives made with Yellow composition handles and an old style German shield. It is the fourth Rigging knife issues by Rough Rider on the same basic frame. The quality is exceptional for an important knife. In fact it would be exceptional even for an American or German made knife. Fit and finish are remarkably smooth.

My only complaint is that it would be nice if Rough Rider would expand a bit an offer a Rope Knife similar to the Camillus S-702 pattern and a Yachtsman on the same frame as the Ka-Bar 1121. That said any of the four Rough Riders currently produced rival those of Colonial and other currently produced "Marlin Spike" knives in this or similar patterns.

Pattern: RR 897(American Military Pattern)
Manufacturer: Rough Rider
Country: China
Closed Length: 4 ½ inches
Blades: 2
       1) 3 in. Sheepfoot
       2) 3 in. Marlin Spike (locking)
Blade Steel: 440 Stainless Steel
Handle: Yellow Composition
Shield: German Style Shield
Pins: Brass
Lining: Brass
Bail: Nickel-silver
Bolsters: Nickel-silver